ERROR Logging

Informatica Inbuilt Error Logging feature can be leveraged to implement Row Error logging in a central location. When a row error occurs, the Integration service logs error information which can be used to determine the cause and source of the error.

These errors can be logged either in a relational table or in a flat file. When the error logging is enabled, the Integration service creates the error table or error log file the first time when it runs the session. If the error table or error log file exists already, then the error data will be appended.

Following are the activities that need to be performed to implement the Informatica Row Error Logging:

1. In the "Config object" tab of "Error Handling" option , set the "Error Log type" attribute to "Relational database" or "Flat File". By Default error logging is disabled.

2. SET Stop On Errors = 1

3. If the Error Log Type is set to "Relational", specify the Database connection & Table Name Prefix

Following are the tables which will be created by Integration service and which will be populated as and when the error occurs.


Stores data and metadata about a transformation row error and its corresponding source row.


Stores metadata about an error and the error message.


Stores metadata about the session.


Stores metadata about the source and transformation ports, such as name and datatype, when a transformation error occurs.

4. If the Error Log Type is set to "Flatfile", specify the "Error log file directory" and "Error log file name"

Database Error Messages and the Error messages that Integration service writes to Bad File/ Reject file can also be captured and stored in the Error log tables / Flat files.

Following are the few database error messages which will be logged in the Error Log Tables / Flat files.

Error Messages

Cannot Insert the value NULL into column '<>', table '<>'

Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint '<>'

Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint '<>'

Cannot Insert Duplicate key in object '<>'

Row Error Logging Implementation


Since the Informatica Inbuilt feature is leveraged, the Error log information would be very accurate with very minimal development effort.


Enabling Error logging will have an impact to performance, since the integration service processes one row at a time instead of block of rows.