Business Object type contains methods, attributes and events which give a component based view of any Business Process. For example we have a Purchase Order business process. This process includes various small functionalities. It will have process of changing Purchase orders based upon requirements, functionality to retrieve the details of purchase order etc. Each of these functionalities is encapsulated inside a method. The method can call the function modules present in R3 system or can have there own code to execute some functionality. So if we consider Purchase Order as a Business Object then it will be identified by key field Purchase Order number. Each purchase order business object based upon key field purchase order number is different. It’s so because each purchase order is different and will contain different details.

What you will learn

After successfully completing this course, students should be able to :

  • Business Process
  • How BO Module work in R/3
  • Implementation Training
  • Integration with other Modules
  • Real-time Training with End to End Implementation Process.

Services and Study Materials

  • Study materials on Sap BO & Interview Questions will be provided.
  • Will provide important interview questions and precise answers while discussing corresponding topics in class.
  • Regular Assignments in the Classes.
  • Real Time Scenarios to be discussed in Class.
  • Extra Scenarios will be provided for practice.

Sap BO Training Course Contents

  • Module 1. Data warehousing/ Dimensional model BI concepts
    • OLTP vs OLAP
    • Types of OLAP
    • Multi Dimensional Modeling
    • Data warehousingconcepts
  • Module 2. Database concepts needed for Data warehousing
    • Joins & Cardinality
    • Views/Materialized Views
    • Date/Time Functions
  • Module 3. BO 4.0 Architecture
    • Architectural overview
    • Client tier components
    • Application tier components
    • Intelligence tier
    • Processing tier
    • Data tier
    • Security management
    • Information
  • Module 4
    • Information Design Tool
  • Module 5
    • Web intelligence
  • Module 6
    • Crystal Reports 2011
  • Module 7
    • Dashboard Design Tool
  • Module 8
    • Administration
  • Module 9
    • Web-rich Client
  • Module 10
    • Universe Builder and Query Builder
  • Module 11
    • Query as Web service
  • Module 12
    • Security Implementation
  • Module 13
    • OLAP Universe
  • Module 14
    • Import Wizard \ Publishing Wizard
  • Module 15
    • Live Office Reporting
  • Module 16
    • SAP Dashboard Reporting/ Xcelsius
  • Module 17
    • SAP BO Open Document Reporting
  • Module 18
    • SAP BO Upgrade project concept
  • Module 19
    • SAP BO Java SDK overview