Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g (OBIEE) is an unmatched and comprehensive business intelligence and analytics platform that delivers a full range of capabilities—including interactive dashboards, ad hoc queries, mobile analytics, notifications and alerts, enterprise and financial reporting ...


  • Enable students to gain a foundational understanding of the prebuilt components of oracle Business Intelligence Applications.
  • Enable students to gain a foundational understanding of business intelligence concepts,Oracle BI Enterprise Edition architecture and user interfaces
  • Job role training-from administrator to end user
  • Cost-effective packages

Services and Study Materials

  • Study materials on OBIEE & Interview Questions will be provided.
  • Will provide important interview questions and precise answers while discussing corresponding topics in class.
  • Regular Assignments in the Classes.
  • Real Time Scenarios to be discussed in Class.
  • Extra Scenarios will be provided for practice.

OBIEE Course Contents

  • Business Integillence and DWH Concepts:
    • BI & its Role in Organizations?
    • BI Tools.
    • How to build/design DWH?
    • Data Modeling - Different models in building, SchemasSubject Areas, Data Marts
    • Dimension Tables
    • Fact Tables
    • Fact less fact tables
  • Data Warehouse
    • Introduction to Data Warehousing?
    • What is OLTP & OLAP
    • Why we need DWH in real-time.
    • Differences among data marts, databases & DWH
  • Schemas
    • Star schema
    • Snow flake schema